Sun-Up Marina Webcam
Check out our new webcam!

The link below will open a new window in your browser.

The view is out of the mouth of the Salt River into Anchor Bay

You will be prompted to enter a user name and pass word.

User Name=guest

I have encountered a few issues during setup and testing.

Pop up blockers might block the login screen in some browsers.

You might need updated Java Applets or to enable Active X controls
in some browsers.

Note: If you try to click on any of the tabs on the top (for example: SETUP or MAINTENANCE) you will be prompted for a user name and password.
It is NOT the one above, so please don't bother.


Webcam installed by Macomb Security
Please let me know if you can't view the webcam. It works for me on my computer and I have tested on a few different browsers.

Click here to email if you are having issues.